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Journey in the wonders of music as Alex embarks upon a mission to discover great treasure. Lead by spectacular sounds in a spectrum of styles, he follows the melodic trail that reveals an enchanting fortune. Join us for this musical theatre workshop lead by Wynkia Ofili, theatre playwright and Ashley Allen, music producer on this magical journey!


Friends and family will be welcomed on July 28th at 6:00PM for a brief presentation!

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About our Producers


​A playwright, singer, song-writer and musician, Wynkia is fulfilling a life-long dream.  In addition to doing extraordinary musical theatre at Heart Encounters black-box-theater, Wynkia teaches musical theatre, directing, playwriting, acting and music. Educated at Tri-Cities Performing Arts School, Wynkia is passionate about worship through the arts.  As the Artistic Director of Prophecy Productions Theater Company, she taught others to use their gifts and talents in ways that make a difference. Character building takes front stage with Wynkia as she weaves it into performances and the classes she teaches. We are privileged to have Wynkia reaching out to our community and investing in each life she touches.




Ashley loves being a singer and vocal coach.  She has developed music, theatre and summer programs for the Atlanta and South Fulton region.  Ashley also led her University's first drama club and theatre performance, producing and co-directing the stage play Nonsense.  For 20 years she has worked as a vocal professional, leading community choirs for youth and adults.  She supports "creatives", and enjoys equipping musicians in her leadership master classes and creative-artist date classes.  A native of Atlanta, she has a Bachelor of Science degree in music with a focus in Voice Pedagogy and Performance.  She travels internationally to develop music departments as she disciples and trains worship leaders.  Ashley loves pulling the potential out of all her students.

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Monday, July 17th - Friday, July 28th

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Ages 8-12

Cap # of students: 15


Friends and family will be welcomed on July 28th at 6:00PM for a brief presentation!

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